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27041-4-Sweter I302-4
27041-5-Sweter I302-5
27041-6-Sweter I302-6
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27041-14-Sweter I302-14
27041-15-Sweter I302-15
27041-16-Sweter I302-16
27041-17-Sweter I302-17
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27041-20-Sweter I302-20
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Sweater I302


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  • Comfortable, two-color sweater. Free cut, wider neckline, hidden elastic band in the welt, perfectly adapts to the body. The sweater will work great in many stylizations. Made of pleasant to the touch yarn.

    size Overall length Overall width Sleeve length
    S/M 63 cm 2 x 66 cm 46 cm
    L/XL 63 cm 2 x 68 cm 46 cm
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