29438-1-Sweater F840-1
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29438-3-Sweater F840-3
29438-4-Sweater F840-4
29438-5-Sweater F840-5
29438-6-Sweater F840-6
29438-7-Sweater F840-7
29438-8-Sweater F840-8
29438-9-Sweater F840-9
29438-10-Sweater F840-10
29438-11-Sweater F840-11
29438-12-Sweater F840-12
29438-13-Sweater F840-13
29438-14-Sweater F840-14
29438-15-Sweater F840-15
29438-16-Sweater F840-16
29438-17-Sweater F840-17
29438-18-Sweater F840-18
29438-19-Sweater F840-19
29438-20-Sweater F840-20
29438-21-Sweater F840-21
29438-22-Sweater F840-22
29438-23-Sweater F840-23
29438-24-Sweater F840-24
29438-25-Sweater F840-25
29438-26-Sweater F840-26
29438-27-Sweater F840-27
29438-28-Sweater F840-28
29438-29-Sweater F840-29
29438-30-Sweater F840-30
29438-31-Sweater F840-31

Sweater F840


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  • A loose sweater decorated with braids on the front, a delicate stand-up collar at the neckline. The whole cut has been structured to give it a slightly puffy form. The whole looks extremely stylish. The model is 180 cm

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